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Making Genuine Friends

Friendship cannot be underestimated especially when you bumped in to someone who does not collect friends just to say they have lots of friends. There are people who know what is an acquaintance from what is a real friend in this world given that “friend” became an abused word just as artists are well aware that among other media, there stands out an original oil painting. There are people who are born for friends and are born to be a friend. As young people, we may be attached too much with our family and we know friends as someone to just simply play with. But as we grow older, attachment to friends become deeper. They are the ones to know our angst in life and we absorb their predicaments in life. In fact, life becomes lighter no matter how difficult a situation is when you are with friends. You want them stay overnight in your house. You invite them for a few drinks. You have a good laugh with them, cry with them and do some crazy moments with them. Without your real friends around, life is not as good as it gets. Familymembers will have their own lives yet theirs will constantly intervene or conflict with yours and friends are always there to cheer you up. Lucky if among these genuine friends one will stick around forever. But forever is too much, life is not giving us assurance of whom we are to be with for the rest of our lives yet being given us friends to feel what we feel and to whom we can offer our love, as well, is a blessing. Love is overflowing to be with our family but no one can deny that there is happiness when you are with a friend. Crying with family seems too hard. All the more that pain is aggravated. But crying with a genuine friend is like crying out where your burden is lifted by someone else. Her or his presence makes you feel that you are not alone.


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