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A Lonely Heart

A lonely heart, filled with sadness, once was so full of life. Two hearts were beating as one for such a long time. Time was their friend, adventure was their middle name. Sitting curled up in each other’s arms they’ve watched many sunsets. The seagulls flying overhead made them smile as they watched them fly off in the distance. The sounds of the waves coming into shore took away all thoughts, leaving them feeling peaceful. This was only one day of a life that was so full of wonderful memories. This is not a sad story, but one of lessons. You see, there are people in the world who have never loved, they are afraid of love. Either they loved and lost, or didn’t know where or how to start. Life goes on; some days are easier than others. If you have experienced the loss of a mate, you can carry on. One way to show your respect is to carry one of their good qualities or traits with you. If a person's passionis gardening, learn something from them and carry it forth, either for yourself or for someone else to learn. You can never regret love. Your heart and soul needed to know what it felt like when in love, and your heart and soul needed to know what loss felt like. I often wonder why people are so lonely. Did they give up after a few bad relationships? Did they think that life only held one soulmate for them? To me life holds many soulmates, each one comes in at different times in your life. You grow, your opinions change and your likes and dislikes change. So, unless your partner grows with you, it would seem that the commonalities are no longer there. The best way to truly honor someone that is no longer in your life is to take the best part of them with you. By this I mean, if the person had a very loving trait, or was charming, or was an awesome cook, take the best part of the person and bring it with you. If you are lonely, make sure that you want to change. Deep down you might not be over someone and you aren’t ready to move forward. What are you afraid of? Fear is crippling in itself, rejection comes and goes, build up your confidence and get out more. When you say a person’s name constantly, you are not moving forward. It is when you stop mentioning their name or title, my ex, and then you are ready to move on. And do you know what? Other people will notice that you stopped talking about this person and they will know that you are ready to move on. Have you ever been around someone who is constantly talking about their ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, or ex-husband? That is ALL they talk about, they can tell you every move that they make, or are going to make! This is the person that is still attached, and can’t move on. Other people see it too. As with everything that happens in life, there are good moments and bad, happy and sad. So, stop giving up on love! Brush yourself off; life awaits you with a new soulmate.


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