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What it takes to succeed

The very first thing you need to become successful with your internet business is desire. If you didn't want to take on a business of your own (many do this from home), you would not do all it entails. The Second thing you must have is determination. Determination is most important, because you must always be resolved to 'stay the course' until your desire is satisfied. Is that all? No, the above are just the start. If you are like most, you have seen the advertisements about how so and so made millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short time, selling such and such a program, and using simple steps. You have also, signed up for several of them but found you end up doing most of the work with little reward. What you should have done when you saw the advertisement is to have grabbed your checkbook and
gotten as far away as you could as quickly as you could and saved yourself a lot of time and money. Can you make a good income from the internet? YES. Can it happen overnight? Sometimes. YOU must be realistic however, and admit it may not happen for you. Who makes the most money? The kids with their lemonade stand in front of the house or the juice store in the local mall? The internet is all about reading and your website. You will never make it for yourself if you do not have your own web presence, your own domain etc and know how it works so it can work for you. Marketing your website correctly is the key. Do NOT get all caught up in 'traffic' and 'hits'. These are very important for helping your site get better standings with the search engines because of popularity. They are only the beginning and are easy to get. What you want to see at your site are 'page views', and 'click thrus' with sales being the bottom line. This is the 'key' to success on the internet. What about 'e-mails'? If they are not 'opt-in', do not send any. If you use a submission service for leads, you must have a 'verification' process of some kind in place to at least insure somewhat the quality of your leads. Remember the word 'lead'. This is all it is, a prospect, one that may not want your product, but wants more information. This lead must be aware of what your product will give them in return for any investment made. Sell the benefits and the product will sell itself. The more common and most affordable way to get your business started is to use what you sell to sell what you use. This is also a true test of the product itself, which in most cases will be a tool of some sort. Once you are producing some income from the sale of your tools,then move on to a related product. A group of these related products are called 'income streams'. I have spent several years on the internet and have found very few associations that have not only great producing tools, but an assortment of 'streams' to select from as your business progresses. The honest association will tell you NOT to get all the related products unless you can afford them, as there is never any promise of a sure thing in the world. They will tell you to start small and work your way up one step at a time. An honest association will tell you your options and let you select which one or couple to use as or for your business. The best of these will also provide you with training on the proper use of the products and always give you the option of leaving with no remorse, and even with a refund of some sort if you do leave before your term is expired. Many will not want to hear what it actually takes to become income producing via the internet nor do they want to do it for the time it will take. They will quit after a couple of months. Here the old saying applies,"Do not burn down any bridges once you have crossed them". Keep the separation on an honest and business like level because when the person finds out you may have been telling the truth after all, they will feel they can come back. When they feel this way, you have really lost nothing and may gain much more when they return. The true test of an adult is the ability to admit to a mistake and even more so, not to hold mistakes against anyone. We are all human after all. When you first were learning how to ride a bike you crashed a couple of times, but you kept on trying till you got the hang of it. You did not blame the bike itself nor throw it away and try a different one. You learned how to keep your balance, apply the brakes and how to steer. Once you learned these tasks you started having fun and trying new things, like not using your hands, etc


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