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Things To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

Choice of  A Life Partner
Being in love is a good thing, having a relationship/courtship is interesting but to make it more lovely, there are couple of things to consider before saying yes-it is time to propose or yes-I accept.
Let's start by asking ourselves what we look out for in choosing or accepting a partner? Do you consider God? Many make the mistake of basing their choice on mundane attributes than the things of God.
Physical appearance, 'stees or swags' should come as secondary or even thereafter, and not a criteria.
God should be the number one factor because it will go a long way in determining the other physical attributes, seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other things shall be added unto you.
Please know that when it is not right in the spiritual, it can NEVER be right in the physical.
Our choices not only influence our lifestyle, but often reflect the kind of people we are. We must, therefore, not allow our values to be determined by the standards of the world or those who scorn the Christian Faith.
Don't yield to any advise on choosing marriage partner which does not comply with the Word of God. No, it's not worth it!
Yes, we learn and acquire things from people but for those things which have eternal value, we must go to God, He alone can supply. When you seek after and possess those things which God graciously gives to you, then you are truly blessed.

Marriage is one of the most gratifying and difficult of all human relationships. Preparing well for it is a great gift to give your future spouse and the children who will join your sacred union.
Please be careful not to mix friendship for love and vice versa. Yes I said vice versa because I've heard of people who lost their spouse to just friendship. He talked about married to you or you as a man suddenly started receiving her and then you hear 'you can't be serious, we are too close for that, we're just friends'
Like seriously! I need to ask such persons if they desire to be with their enemy! Now this is not to say all friends are marriage material lest I hear sister Toyin said so, *smiles*
But seriously you have to be spiritually sensitive, you see why you need God again?
I do say, if it is not right in the spiritual, it can never be right in the physical, believe me that's the truth. These things look like theory, but I tell you it easy to know with God on our side. Just open not only your heart but also your head too and take note of every little details.
Like I was saying earlier; there is difference between friendship and love; friendship does not involve serious emotional attachment but once you confess love, then the expectations become extraordinary, supernatural and spiritual.

Therefore, you should 'fall' in love cautiously, don't confess love for another if your soul and spirit are not part of the process and do not accept a proposal out of pity. A clear rejection is far much better than a fake promise.
Tomorrow by His grace, we shall consider some basic factors to put in mind and in place before the birth of the union.
Confession: I will not miss it
Prayer: I need direction oh Lord, direct my steps, order my thoughts, teach me and make me ready for my partner. (Please say this prayer for yourself)


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