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Skills Every Father Should Teach his Child

Even though you may see your child every day, it's always a bit challenging to find enough time in the day to spend with him or her. As a dad, it is important to make sure that in the time that you are able to spend with your child that you pass down the different skills that have shaped you into the person that you are today. While your child may not think you're the coolest person in the world, there is still a lot that they can learn from their dear old dad. These 6 skills are just a few things that every father should teach his child. Listening Skills This can be a tough one for children, but with help from their dad, they can develop great listening skills. While it seems like kids are always talking, it is important for them to grasp the concept of listening and paying attention to others. Dads can teach this skill by establishing one simple rule. When in a conversation, never interrupt another person and be sure to use your ears a little bit more than you use your mout

Ways To Listen To Your Child

One of the ways in which children develop positive self-esteemis by being listened to. Not just kind of hearing what they have to say, but really tuning in and connecting with what they're saying and how they feel. When children feel valued in this way, it does wonders for how they see themselves in the world. Here are three powerful ways to listen to your child: ​Listen with your EYES ​Look into your child's eyes whenever possible when he/she is speaking to you. This shows your child that he/she has your full attention and that you're really focussed on what they're saying. Listen with your EARS Really hear what your child is telling you. You can ask questions such as "What made you feel that way?" or "Why do you think that happened?" to help you focus more on listening to your child. Also, by extending the conversation with these questions, your child feels heard by you. Listen with your HEART Put yourself in your child's feel and try to

Ways to Maintain a Successful Career and a Happy Family Life

A person’s career success depends on several factors, but essentially, you need to have dedication and commitment if you want to enjoy the career you’ve always wanted to pursue. On the other hand, having a fulfilling life outside work is another thing and requires more effort and consistency. While many of us are able to be successful in their careers, many are also struggling to find the balance between the two, especially those who have a marriage and familylife to think about. If you and your spouse are career-oriented and you both want to keep a harmonious relationship and would like to raise your kids in a loving environment, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Here are some tips for you: 1. Set your business and familygoals. More important than anything is how you and your partner identify your goals. If you haven’t talked about your goals, both individually and as a couple, then this is the right time to do it. Put into writing all your family, career and marriagegoals. 2. Ackno

Things Husbands Does That Win the Universe

Alright ladies, we know your husband is your Mr. Incredible. We know that some days you just stare at him in awe that you convinced this super-hero of a husband to marry you (okay, let's be honest, you're equally his Mrs. Incredible!). This list is going to make you smile and remember, once again, that you are one lucky girl. So, what are the things your husband does that win the universe in your eyes? 1. He thinks of others before he thinks of himself In particular, he thinks of you before he thinks of himself. It's pretty obvious. Just think back to the other night, when he brought home his piece of chocolate cake for you, in a to-go box. Then think of all the never-ending grocery runs, the late nights when he was the one up with crying kids, and the fact that he never once whined when you burnt dinner. Oh, and then there was the unforgettable time that he stayed home from his golf trip so that he could support you at your awards dinner at work. That man of yours, if h

How safe is your relationship?

A basic cause of all relationship conflict is the gap between your beliefs of how relationships should be and the reality that exists right here, right now. Whenever you find yourself arguing or in conflict, look deeply at what is going on and you will find this gap. Every time you make the other person wrong about something, the gap is there. Whenever you blame them for something you will find the gap. Every time you try to get them to change in some way there is the gap. Whenever you feel that the relationship is not meeting your expectations, the gap is there. So the first trap is resistance to the reality right in front of you and is the essence of all the arguments. You will find that you are resisting the reality right in front of you because it does not conform to what you imagine it should be like. Humans tend to confuse their beliefs with truth. When you hold a belief about how things should be that becomes your truth, and if reality does not conform to it, the temptation is

Three Mistakes Parents Make

Parenting is one of the most remarkable experiences one can have. No one prepares for it. The skills develop as you go along. This is because every child brings on a different experience but raising children requires the similar adopted methods. However, as parents, we sometimes make the mistakes. Here are three mistakes parents (sometimes) make: Parents do not want their child/children to see them as a failure Things may be tough career wise or family. As parents, we often put up a fa├žade and behave as if everything is okay. We do not want our children to see us fail. We behave as if we always have everything together in place. It may be that you lost your job, yet you lie to your child/children that you are taking time off work. It may be that you are facing financial challenges and you do not want them to see you fail. You think that letting your children no will mean failure. Over Pamper Children We sometimes over pamper our children. We do this to hide our insecurities or to

Ways to Cope with Toxic Friendships

Research shows that the happiest and healthiest people are those who are well-connected to friends and family, but all friendships are not beneficial. A healthy friendshiphas mutual caring, mutual respect, mutual responsibility and good communication. Breaking up with an important friend can be every bit as painful as breaking up a love relationship. But, there are sometimes good reasons to break up, and other times when breaking up is not really necessary. Here are some of the prime reasons for trouble in friendships, and what you an do about them: Pressure: If you feel a lot of guilt about the friendship, and you wind up doing things you don’t really want to do, or paying for things you didn’t want to pay for, you may have a manipulative friend, one who uses emotional blackmail to get what he/she wants. Keep in mind this friend probably doesn’t really understand what he/she wants; these things are deeply ingrained behaviors that usually come from a dysfunctional childhood. They ind